I am really sorry to hear about that.  We ship liquid yeast all around the world and it can actually fair better in transit than people think.  The ice will only keep the yeast cold for so long when traveling in the trucks.  Regardless its hard for you or I to know if the yeast is still viable.  We recommend and would like you to try the yeast first.  If the yeast does not take off we will send you new yeast asap.  Also this is why we recommend to do yeast starters.  This is an easy way to not only see if your yeast is viable but you also will increase your cell count which will lead to a better finished product.

You can also split your yeast off onto its own shipment and upgrade the shipment to get there faster.

We also do have larger ice packs available but even these will only keep the yeast cold for so long in transit.

Regardless we understand how important liquid yeast is and want you to have a good experience.