All orders in our system are assigned a unique 7-digit number. Depending on the status of the order it may be called by a different name, but the number is always the same. For example if you have an order confirmation or a quote number 1234567, the packing list number will be 1234567 and the invoice number will be 1234567. 

  • Orders: This is our general term and can refer to transactions in any stage
  • Quote: Quotes may be order confirmations, or they may be orders on hold and not currently being processed
  • Packing List: This is a copy of the order that is included in the actual shipment
  • Invoice: These are the final billing documents created after an order has been shipped and billed
  • Commercial Invoice: These are identical to the Invoice, except that "Commercial Invoice" is printed at the top. These are required for some international shipments. These can be obtained upon request by contacting customer service.